"All Unregistered Sims will be blocked in December" Ursula Owusu.


According to the Minister for Communication, it has become an imperative that Ghana needs to clamp down on cyber criminals hiding behind the anonymity of digital system to commit antisocial acts. She stated that, it is was difficult to detect those who have indulge themselves in such a criminal acts which against the society and Ghana as a country.

According to her, this cyber criminals can be detected if the new Sim registration is taking into serious consideration. She also stated that, plans are far advanced to make the National Identification Card (Ghana Card) the only national identity Card for all identification and business purposes.

According to he, all Sim Cards and SIM enabled devices would be registered from June to December. Failure to register your sim card or your sim enabled devices will be blocked after the registration in December. She stated emphatically that, the Ghana Card will used for the registration.

The Minister for Communication said that, her ministry is also working very hard to improve access to connectivity across the country with rural telephone and digital inclusion projects which will see the construction of solar powered cell sites in unserved and underserved rural communities.

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