Cultism: What The Society Should Do Over The Killing Of A Student By Two Brothers

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It is quite unfortunate to see humans killing humans when we can all live in peace. The cases of murder are becoming too much in the country and proper measures should be taken to stop the illicit act.

According to the publication made by Linda Ikeji's blog, two brothers were said to have killed a student of Adeyemi College of Education, named Seun Akinsiku.

The two suspected murderers, named Segun Adeoye and Azeez Adeoye, have been arrested by the Ondo state police command.

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The arrest of the two brothers was as a result of the interrogation of one suspect, Isaiah, who confessed the duo took part in the killing of the student.

The federal government, as well as other levels of government, should take into consideration ways to curb cultism in the nation.

The society on the other hand should endeavor all youths are free from cultism.

Cultism breeds a lot of bad youths carrying out different criminal activities like robberies, murder, kidnapping, drugs etc. These activities are common among cultist.

In moving forward, the society has to play certain responsibilities to keep the youths in check and the community healthier and safer.

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Below are some responsibilities the society has to take to dissolve the rate of cultism in the country.

Firstly, Home training.

Training your kids right at an early stage is one of the best things you can do to save their future. Home training simply means inculcating good morals to your kids so when they grow, they will not depart from it.

This helps a lot and also reduces the rate of them indulging in criminal acts. The society should help educate parents and guardians how to properly raise a child-friendly to the society.

Secondly, peer pressure influence.

The society needs to enlighten youths to resist any urge to peer pressure. Home training might not always work when a child has been affected by peer pressure, which is why the society has to teach youths how to resist such urge.

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Lastly, the death of the student should be the responsibility of the society to stop any further deaths of youths from occurring.

The country is suffering a lot from insecurity, and it will only get worse if we keep killing each other in our own communities.

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