Enyobeni survivor shares a horrible story on how someone died on top of a table.

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On the night 21 young people died and others were taken to the hospital, a Scenery Park, East London, resident jumped out of a window at the Enyobeni pub. Nkululeko Alam told TimesLIVE that he knew three of the people who died, and that one of them was a family member. He was talking about the chaos that happened in the club on Sunday night.See the source image

"Three people I knew had died there. One of them died while I was watching. Someone gave the other one a Savannah when she said she was thirsty. After three hours, she fell asleep and passed out. I'm related to one of the people who died. In grade 12, she was in Alphendale. Even today, her mother is still crying." Alam said that when people started screaming and running out of the Enyobeni tavern, the bouncers didn't do anything to help. "I was inside. I saw a lot of Jagermeister on the table when I got there. Someone offered me some. The person who died in the end was the one on top of the table.See the source image

"The door was locked by the bouncers. Some people say it was a stampede, but how could the person on top of the table have been trampled? I jumped out the window." The event is being looked into by the police. But many people in the town are upset that the tavern might open again. Alam is one of many people who think the owner of the tavern should be punished for what happened.

"I could have been one of those who died. If there had been tear gas, I could have choked to death. I didn't smell tear gas, though. But the owner of the tavern needs to tell the families of the people who died what happened. "The owner of the pub has no right to talk to people that way. Because of this, I think the place should be shut down. He is saying that the pub will be open again. Our friends are gone."

WATCH | ‘I jumped out the window’: Enyobeni eyewitness account (timeslive.co.za)

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