Opinion: Some Kieleweke Allied MPs Might Regret Not Working With DP Ruto


Kieleweke is a faction of the jubilee political divide allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta. Mostly they come from central Kenya region and have clearly vowed to fight DP Ruto to the bitter end. However Kieleweke seems to have been outweighed politically by DP Ruto who has proved lethal and what he is really made of politically.

Kieleweke allied MPs have seen for themselves how George Koimburi of the hustlers nation has defeated the jubilee candidate in Juja Constituency. President Uhuru Kenyatta party has been humiliated in his own backyard clearly confirming that the deputy president William Ruto might largely influence on who gets elected in Mt Kenya region come 2022 something which will complicate Kieleweke chances in 2022.

Kieleweke allied MPs might all be sent into political oblivion by the hustlers nation who have vowed to stand strong and firm. How they have won in Juja Constituency by-election is a clear prove that Uhuru Kenyatta might be of no help to Kieleweke politicians going into 2022 as his influence politically has completely waned.

Moses Kuria seems also gaining momentum to prove political detractors wrong by completely deminishing Uhuru Kenyatta in Mt Kenya region. He has already hit the ground running. The Kieleweke have also lost alot given BBI was proved as null and avoid by the High Court of Kenya.

The chain of loses both in BBI and elections in Juja just prove that Kieleweke allied MPs will have a very tough time in 2022. If they do not join DP Ruto, they could as well all find themselves into the opposition benches as Uhuru Kenyatta is headed for retirement and may not help them much.

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