Ladies, Lose That Mentality That A Guy Owes You Money The Moment He Asks You Out- Reno Omokri


Many ladies nowadays have the mindset that once a guy asks them out, the guy automatically owes them money, and other material things which is not supposed to be so.

This is one of the reasons why many relationships doesn't last at all. When the guy is not giving the girl money and others to her expectations, she starts seeing him for less and at the end the relationship shatters. Mr Omokri specially discussed this topic last night.

Mr Omokri words were, the moment a guy asks you out is not the moment he owes you for your house rent, birthday, clothes, car or transport, and a phone.

Ladies are fond of bringing up their birthday whenever a guy asks them out, especially if they see that the guy is doing well financially.

Mr Omokri further advised the ladies to lose that mercantile mentality that a guy owes you immediately he asks you out. You are not meant to trade your love for money. You trade your love for his love.

While some people appreciated the tweet, some condemned it. Below are some of the comments Mr Omokri got on this tweet.


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