I Will Drop My Bible And Stop Preaching If You Have A Breakthrough In Life Without Giving- Pastor

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A popular Pastor has revealed the cause why breakthrough prayers don't get answered. Pastor David has shed more light on break through prayers and how to achieve breakthrough. The Nigerian pastor said you can only achieve breakthrough by one means which is not by praying.

While preaching, the pastor revealed the only means to achieve breakthrough in life is by giving and if anyone can achieve breakthrough without giving he will drop his Bible and stop preaching. The Nigerian pastor told his congregation why their break through prayers are not answered is because they pray for money without giving.

He said, "seedtime and harvest shall not cease." He said the only way you can get breakthrough is by moving God by giving not by praying. He said if you don't give you will not receive breakthrough. If you want money break you must give first. He insists it's impossible to have breakthrough without giving.

He challenges anyone who can achieve breakthrough through prayers without giving to come further he will drop his Bible. According to him the only means to have breakthrough in this life is by giving.

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