A Kenyan Man Confesses On Being A Member Of A Gayism And Impregnating Women Cult To Acquire Wealth


Kenya and East Africa have been in the limelight off late on how people get into cults in order to acquire wealth. Currently, there are confessions every now and then about how people have been recruited into different cults. Many Kenyans don't believe that some things really exist, but I tell you its high time people wake up and turn to God. Otherwise, you will live a miserable life with many questions of why things are hard on you, only to realize later than you have been bewitched.

Xtiandela who is known by posting shocking confession on his Instagram account was at it yesterday. He posted how a Kenyan man confessed to have been involved in a cult where in order to be rich, you either become gay and sleep with men or impregnate women and abandon them with kids. He admits to be earning a whooping $10,000 a week which is around Kshs 1 million! The anonymous man decided to share his story after he knew that his time was up and they are going to kill him. Here is what he said;

"I decided to join the cult so that I can be rich and kill poverty in my life. Now this cult operates in Kenya and East Africa. For you to be rich as a man, you either choose to be gay and sleep with men and later on take your sperms and drink it with wine or either you impregnate a woman and abandon her with a kid."

"I choose the pact of impregnating women. I can tell you is that the reason as to why the number of young mothers is rising day and night is because of spiritual encounter. When you impregnate a woman and leave her, then there is an initiation done to tie your sperm with money. The more women you make pregnant and abandon the more money you make."

What shocked me most is this part where he said, "So Kenyan men should be careful. This explains why most of them are broke and poor because when a man takes care of my child, then he is transferring his wealth to me."

Below are some of the screenshots of his conversation with Xtiandela;

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