Some Ghanaian celebrities who revealed their parents nearly aborted or killed them.


Today, in this article, I will be sharing with you three popular Ghanaian celebrities who revealed their parents nearly aborted or killed them. Most often, we find ourselves in a situation and we make certain decisions that might affect us in the future. Let's then look at some Ghanaian Celebrities who revealed their parents nearly aborted or killed them.

1. Don Little.

Steven Atanga, popularly known as Don little is a Ghanaian comic actor who is known for his diminutive stature. Don little revealed his parents nearly killed him when he was young. In an interview with Joy news, Don little revealed his parents mistook him for a dwarf because of his stature and wanted nothing to do with him.

2. Shugatiti.

Abena Serwaa Frimpong, popularly known as Shugatiti, is an actress, model and a video vixen. She is known to be one who always gives "free show" as she exposes her body to the public. During an interview with PulseGhana, Shugatiti revealed her mother wanted to go for an abortion when she was pregnant with her in the womb. According to Shugatiti, her grandmother convinced her mother not to abort her and because of that, she never stayed with her mother after she was born. She claim her father took her from her mother and gave her to her grandmother to take care of her.

3. DJ switch.

Erica Armah Bra Bulu Tandoh, widely known as DJ switch, is a popular Ghanaian DJ in Ghana. Although DJ switch is very young, she is really very talented. Erica Tandoh has won a lot of awards and she is one of the richest kids in Ghana. DJ switch is one of the Celebrities whose parents nearly aborted them. In the case of DJ switch, her mother disclosed it herself. According to the Mother of DJ switch, she was pregnant with DJ switch six months after she gave birth to her first born and so because of stigmatization, she decided to abort her. She claimed she went ahead to purchase the drugs to terminate the pregnancy but she changed her mind. And today, DJ switch is making waves everywhere with her talent as a DJ.


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