Pictures of Obansanjo, Dino, Tinubu and other politicians in church.

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Not only the poor are in position to praise God, not only the masses are in the position to praise, we are all equal before the Lord, no matter who we are in life and where we are, putting God first in all you do will attract more blessing and Grace upon you.

If you are the Governor of a state you can still praise the Almighty Living God, God is not a respecter of position or wealth, he created all human being so therefore we should all be able to worship him.

Below are photos of politicians and wealthy people who have humbled themselves before God.

Being in a Political positions are very good and a lot of people strggle so much to get there.

When a Christian politician wins a political seat, he goes to the House of God to give Thanksgiving and Special Offering for what the Lord has done for him.

We have photos of Senator Adeleke, Alao Akala, Dino Melaye, Yemi Osinbajo and many more popular politicians.

Dino and Ayodele Fayose took their Thanksgiving to another level by rolling on the ground, this is a sign of extreme gratitude to their Maker.

These politicians have humbled their self before the Almighty God.

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