Limpopo: Agness Turn 40 Years But Still Look Very Young See Here

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Young people who are drinking alcohol at a very young age looks very old than there ageand this is because they spend much of their time drinking alcohol and not occupied with anything some no longer take care of themselves.

As a person and regardless of you are working or not you must make sure that you take care of yourself and this also include eating healthy food to avoid your body from developing unnecessary weight.

Eating healthy food must not be compromised and you can achieve this by also eating organic foods which plant yourself and you'll show that what you have put to that plant will not harm you.

A 40 year old Millicent makhado.Agness from muvhango who her real name is Millicent Makhado is now 40 years old people are surprised by how she looks because meaning woman of her age are very old when you look at them.

there are not many people here in South Africa who are 40 years old and still look young like this and this is also caused by The food that we are eating the genetic modified food makes our body to look very old.


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