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Boitumelo Thulo who's best known as Boity Thulo is a South Africa rapper, model, influencer, actress, television personality, and entrepreneur. Boitumelo Thulo is a 31-year-old lady that inspire many South Africans by where she is currently with life.

Boity Thulo as an influencer, she keeps her instagram page active by posting her beautiful lifestyle, date nights, travel snaps or photos. Of all the things Boity is popularly known for, nothing beats how beautiful Rappwr Thulo is. She has millions followers on Instagram, from these million followers, many love her beautiful content, together with how open she is to her followers about her life as a celebrity.

In 2018, Boity Thulo revealed to her followers and fans that she is embarking in a journey of becoming a traditional healer. This made her followera more proud of the woman she is becoming, for she seemed to havw bwtter understanding of who she is and what sje is called for.

However, her spiritual journey had absolutely nothing to do with her entertainment career, therefore Boity Thulo continued travelling, performing and being a rapper. In 2020, Boity Thulo revealed that her mother is the one that handles consultations, help people and speak with the ancestors. Boity Thulo hasn't started practising what Sangoma's or traditional healers do.

As much as this story is one deep story that deserved to be kept privately, Boity went on and opened up about her spiritual journey on her social media pages. Boity Thulo's followers loves her for her big smiles, her big heart, and how openly she engage with her fans. Her beauty being a bonus to her already successful brand.

Boity Thulo posts so much of bikini photos on her instagram page. As a woman who is into fancy things, she loves exploring as well, travelling the world and familiarizing herself with new things.

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