What follows after completion of the second revision of courses.


The second revision of courses was an opportunity for those who had missed on their first choices and those who hadn't applied to apply.

The second revision has come to conclusion this evening and this is what applicants should expect:

1-The placement of those who hadn't secured their first choices will commence immediately after which all the applicants will get to know the universities they were placed into.

2-Kuccps will post these results on each of the applicants account. They will be able to access this by logging into their accounts.

To log in you need your KCSE index number and Kcpe index number or birth certificate number as your password.

3-Kuccps will be expected to announce the dates for inter institutional transfer.

This is a chance for candidates who aren't pleased with the placement results to change either the universities or the courses appointed to them.

It is important to note that the window is usually short.

Also note that the transfer process is long. However, it is automated and you may be able to track the whole process once you're logged in.

The placement results may come out early so as to give room for appropriate preparations as the candidates are expected to join fellow comrades in September this year.

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