"She Could Have Fed The Orphans Instead" Uproar After Woman Feeds GSU Officers


A lady has caused a stir online after she did what most people wouldn't do. According to news reported via Mkenya News, Susan Sam who is a gospel singer and a resident of Thika extended her generosity to the GSU officers manning the road block at Bluepost, Thika.

It was reported that the lady fed more that 40 soldiers as a way of appreciation for their great job in protecting the nation against the pandemic. She had prepared delicious meal accompanied by fruit juices and administered them from her car.

"The lady, who prepared sumptuous meal including fresh fruit juices, appreciated the over 40 GSU officers for their tireless work in keeping citizens safe from COVID-19," read part of the post by Mkenya News.

However, majority of internet users felt that the lady was doing it for publicity. Most of the online Kenyans claimed that the lady should have fed orphans and street kids near her.

"Anatafuta sifa...why hasn't she done it to the street children in Thika?" Questioned Muguni Reuben.

In their support, majority argued that the police officers are doing their work and are doing so under payroll and she should have therefore targeted those in dire need.

Another section condemned the police officers for feeding from a 'stranger', claiming it as the weak point which might be used by the enemy.

"A stranger offers food freely and our naive forces dive into it without second thought...," read one of the comments.

Below are sampled reactions from Kenyans online (screenshots):

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