"I Dumped My Pregnant Girlfriend For My Lover, Eventually I Regretted It" Samuel Narrates

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Samuel truly narrates how his irresponsible conduct drove him into making decisions that ruined a decent relationship. He said that he regrets his actions and he wishes that he did things another way. Samuel had just finished school when he moved in with his girlfriend Eva who was his classmate. The two didn't have a job and they depended altogether on their parents. After two months Eva found a new line of work and she assumed control over the family's financial responsibility as Samuel searched for a job.

Weeks transformed into months and Samuel was still jobless. Eva would pay for his personal experiences and furthermore deal with the lease and food. After four months Samuel found a well-paying line of work and he was amped up for his first salary. He said that toward the end of that month he got his salary and immediately went out for drinks. However, as he was having cheerful he got an instant message from Eva who told him she was pregnant. Samuel was shocked and he could have done without the news.

He continued to drink and at the club where he was approached a similarly as beautiful as his by a lady girlfriend. They sat together and he got her a few drinks. When the time had come to return home he took her number and promised to call her the following morning. When he returned home he stood up to Eva and told her that he wasn't prepared to be a dad and proposed to terminate the pregnancy. However, she refused and this turned into an issue. Samuel started drinking and this time he was in the organization of his new lover. They would party the entire evening and sometimes he wouldn't actually return home.

According to him one day he composed Eva an instant message and told her that he wanted to end the relationship. She implored him to return and sort things out but he refused. He moved in with his lover leaving Eva with her pregnancy at her house. Because of the stress Eva grew hypertension and she was rushed to hospital by colleagues at work unfortunately, she kicked the bucket en route to the hospital along with the baby. After Samuel was informed about what had happened he came to the hospital where he affirmed the news. He called his lover and told her about what had occurred but instead of going back to his lover he was culpable and isolated himself for weeks.

He said that one day as he went out for drinks to loosen up his mind he found his lover at their #1 joint in the organization of another man. When he stood up to them she disregarded him and told him that she wasn't interested in the relationship again. Samuel said that the sadness was overwhelming and till today he is loaded up with regrets to shy he left his pregnant girlfriend.

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