The Mahama’s Are Beautiful People.


In a world of so much negativity and uncertainties, it is often good to break out of the situation and and take in some positivity and inhale some excitement and hope into ones life.

No matter the economic situations we face , there are things which go beyond ones social standing or status. One of such things is life.

As humans, we may dwell so much on the challenges we face that we may even forgo that the mere fact that we are alive is a gift. And like they say, when there is life, there is hope. Maintaining a positive outlook on life itself is good for our mental health.

It is therefore beautiful indeed to see people make time to laugh and worry less about life. Captured here are two members of the former family, the Mahamas. In it we see President Mahamas two young children, his very much beloved Fareeda and one of his sons, Sharaf. The happy siblings seem to share a very strong bond as they share a shot as they laugh.

Is it not a beautiful sight?