Meet the ladies from the town with no men

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Women have been living a long patriarch as long it can be remembered. In the Samburu district of Kenya is a small village called UMOJA which means NO MEN ALLWED. This village is up of only females. When a man is seen in the village. The man is beaten up and thrown out of the village.

The Umoja village started in 1990 by a woman called Rebecca Lolosoli who is the village chairwoman. This villages was established because women were giving to marriages at a tender age.

In Samburu women are seen as properties and have no rights, therefore if your husband wants to kill you he can do it and no one will complain. When the all women village was founded it emanated as a threat to the men and they tried their best to destroy it but it all proved futile. The women in the village build all their houses, engineering works, carpentry and all other works in the village.

Their main source of income is selling jewelry on the roadside, some of these income was used to build a school for the village which educates kids from other surrounding villages even those with men.

Women are allowed to have relationships with men outside the village but non-of the men enter the village.

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