Just in: Director Of Criminal (DCI) George Kinoti Has Been Spared A Four Month Jail Term

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss, George Kinoti, has been spared a fours month jail term. Reprieve for DCI boss George Kinoti as Court of Appeal grants orders for him not to serve the four months jail term pending ruling to be delivered on April 1, 2022.

Kinoti had moved to the higher court, seeking to quash his jailing for refusing to return businessman Jimi Wanjigi’s guns after he was ordered to do so by the High Court.

Kinoti argued that the High Court refused to listen to his side of the story, which stated that he (Kinoti) was not the custodian of Jimi Wanjigi’s firearms, and that the Firearms Licensing Board should have been questioned.

Justices Imaana Laibuta, Fatuma Sichale and Mbogholi Msagha said that in early April next year is when they will rule on Kinoti’s appeal challenging his four month jailing by the High Court.

This was a nice decition by the Court as per many netizens

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