Uhuru's Top Ally Reveals Why William Ruto is in Trouble with Government After Taking Sputnik Vaccine


Kenya is already on what could be termed as cold war after Britain put them in the coronavirus red list and that its citizens shouldn't visit them after April 9th. Kenya retaliated with an order that will make British citizens who visit the country to be placed on quarantine for 14 days and also have two Covid-19 tests.

According to David Matsanga, all the problems could be traced back to Deputy President William Ruto, whom he accuses of rubbing shoulders with Russian Mafias. He claims that DP Ruto wore a shirt that resembled the colours of Russian flag when he was taking Sputnik vaccine.

“I dont know whether many Kenyans know that the colours of the Russian flag which the Deputy President of Kenya adorned when taking the vaccine from Russia. Anybody who has studied international relations will tell you that small things matter when it comes to remembrance about the cold war era.” he posted on his Facebook page.

Matsanga further warned that any involvement with Russia will always be treated with suspicion by Britain and Western countries.

He compared it to the ex-United States of America President Donald Trump, who he said was in 'friendship with Russia' and therefore costed him a second term in the office.

Kenya has already banned any Importation, distribution and administration of Covid-19 vaccine by private sector, and also revoked the license of companies that were found liable of bringing the Sputnik vaccine in the country.

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