OPINION- 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Vote For ANC

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As the elections are around the corner, many people are confused on which political party to vote for, however in this article I wanna give you my view on why you should never vote for African National Congress. Read below:

ANC has been in power for the past 27 years, so t has had enough time to prove its competitiveness but still peoples are still complaining about it today. Looking at the past 24 years nothing good has been done, if you look at our streets okay compares to how they were back then when whites in power they are totally damaged.

Anither reason why you shouldn’t vote for ANC is that there is no unity within the ANC, they say in order to lead the management should work together but what we see on ANC is totally the opposite. Leaders are always spiting each other and fighting legal battles. As we are speaking there are 2 groups within anc, the one that favours zuma and the one that favours tamaphosa.

And lastly, CORRUPTION. The level of corruption in ANC is on another level, we can barely go a month without hearing that there’s an arrested leader for corruption. We have seen so many tenders and project’s being dropped without being completed because funds were looted.

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