Sad, See Why Rue Baby, Akothe's Daughter Is Profusely Shading Tears


Sad, See Why Rue Baby, Akothe's Daughter Is Profusely Shading Tears

Betty EdwardsJun 7, 2021

Rue Baby, daughter to controversial Kenyan singer Esther Akoth better known as Akothee has come out to complain about body shaming she is getting from those she love, her fans. According to her latest post on her Facebook page, Rue expressed her disappointment at how women body shame her just because she is skinny.


According to the model, not everyone is strong enough to withstand the trolls she is getting and hence asked netizens to be careful about what they say about others.

Part of her statement on her official Facebook page read,

' I wanted to say it saddens me to see fellow women out here so strongly ready to body shame. . but then again I think it' s just funny. You know not all girls are strong to manage body shaming like I am. "

Rue went on to ask her fans to always be in her shoe, telling them that before they go ahead and body- shame her, they need to think if what they say, or the same words they use would be appealing if thrown back at them. According to her understanding, the feeling is obviously an awful one.


Her statement went on to show her ' I don' t care attitude, ' citing no matter what they say about her, she is not bothered because she is always happy with herself and her body. She also conveyed a message to fellow women who are being body- shamed.

She told them to always be strong and remember how blessed that are. Rue argued that there are many people envying their position and maybe, some are attacking them because of mere jealousy.

The only solution to their attacks is developing thick skin to their negative words. Rue went on to add that the worst thing that can happen to anyone is when one develops develops negative attitude towards their own self.

This is not the first time she is being trolled based on her body size. It is important to remember she is not the first celebrity to go through such attack.

Others like Betty Kyalo, Azziad Nasenya just to mention but a few have been victims of such attacks