Akothe Finally Reacts On Diana Marua Latest Rap Song

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If you frequently visit social media pages, you must have come across Akothe at some point. She is a social media influencer and a musician who is well grounded to be distracted by naysayers. The beautiful lady is headstrong and no matter the circumstances he always stands still. She is among Kenyan Celebrities who have moved from grass to fame through hardwork and determination.

Some hours ago, Diana Marua released her first rap song “Hatutaachana” which left Kenyans talking. Most people suggested her to remain as a brand ambassador as ussual saying they like her as an ambassador and not as a musician. Akothe reacted on the song encouraging Diana to keep going no matter the obstacles she is facing.

According to Akothe, she said that she is in full support of Diana B on her first song telling her to shoot her shot praising the attire she is wearing. She advised her to always be keen while choosing the outfit since music is eyes and ears, where people see and listen. She concluded by saying that she was taught to clap at others while they are winning telling Diana to use the ground well.

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