Have you seen the world largest truck with house inside. Check it out(photo)

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Have you ever liked something so much that you wanted that same thing but like 20 times larger ?Me neither, but Seikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyanis has. He’s the owner of the World’s Biggest Truck, a ridiculously massive replica of the classic 1950s Power Wagon.

how big do you think is it ? It vary some say is 8 time ,50 times ,64 time bigger than the original one.

the sheilk also build two of the world's largest working scale replica.one is a massive Guinness world record version of the Willy Jeep used in world war ll .the other is a 1950s Dodge power wagon that you can actually live inside of it. It has four bedroom,a living room,air conditioning,and a tailgate lower to become a terrace. the truck is replica of the classic Dodge power wagon and is eight time the size of the original. Not sure ,then have a look at the image below to have a clear look at it.

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