Here are Reasons why Artists are vying for political seats in the coming General Elections.

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With the general election around the corner, political leaders are preparing for the big day, and some artists have come forward to vying for different political seats. The big question is, why are musicians vying for political seats? Well, let's start the discussion. Polycarp Otieno is an artist related to the boy band Sauti Sol has began the topic by asking if the political seat is the ultimate throne.

'Looks like every entertained/Celebrity in this country is vying for a spot in the new government. Is a political seat the ultimate throne? Or do they have our interests at heart?' Polycarp posted. The majority of these artists are famous and loved by many people, which added advantage to them while vying for political seats. Examples include Jalango, Mc Jessy, Jaguar and many others.

The thirst for youthful leadership among the youth and the interaction between the two gives them an added advantage since they can relate better with them. The artists have promoters and supporters who will sponsor their political seats by providing them with the capital for vying for the seats. Do they have our interest at heart, or just for supremacy and power? It is hard to tell as some of them use their social media platforms to help the needy and vulnerable youth.

Some artists have condemned poor leadership and called on the government fr the interests of the Kenyan youth. They have also promised to help in creating employment for the Kenyan youth. It is too early to tell if the leadership portrayed by these young people will make a difference for the young people as they have promised,

We wish them all the best as they try their luck for their political seat.

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