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Surname as a boy child 👏🏿👏🏿

It is very important for a boy child/ (man) to fall into the right surname before getting married because your ancestors wouldn’t want their lineage to just vanish or end exactly that.

You can be in a 5-10 years relationship and the moment you decide to get married.Thing’s start going wrong , just because of a surname . There’s a lot That governs this but will mention a few pointers 👏🏿👏🏿

You will find that most of us were raised by single mothers and because of whatever happened between our parents.we ended up with our Mother’s surname and we never heard of our Fathers ever since .

we don’t know who they are or where they are . ancestors do not tolerate nonsense and if your Dad hasn’t paid damages for you then you gonna have a problem.

A lot of your things are gonna go wrong hence we are a generation chosen to fix such things so that it doesn’t affect our kids. Mostly even carry surnames from their stepfathers side and it also becomes a problem because your biological ancestors (biological father) are claiming you as they did when you were born. 

That is why as this chosen generation.we need to forgive each other (if separated)as parents so we can do the right things for our kids.

A lot is on our shoulders. Children need to be named accordingly, inheriting a certain grandmother/grandfather/uncle/aunt/sister/brother’s name so that those names continue in the family bloodline.

You also named your child after a certain person who passed on .but you don’t frequent the child at that person’s grave to ask for protection and blessings for the child.

hence your kids start inheriting that ancestors character (drinking, smoking, sexual desires , anger issues etc .when they grow to be teenagers or adults) and you’ll find that that child is a dreamer/ sees things 🙏🏿.

As a woman, you have 2 or more children with different men, don’t you think if you don’t fix these things right now they will catch up to you and it will frustrate you when your kids start asking you about their daddies?

Are you not gonna lie to them and withhold information that will unlock doors for them . Break the curse, set a proper foundation for your kids so that they follow your spiritual guidance Makhosi 😊. 

If you as parents/ as a parent , just know that your kids are definitely gonna find out as they grow because they gonna meet prophets/healers who are gonna enlighten them .or they will find their generation being woke .

To tell them the truth about you and your doings and whatever you did to get that money . They say “With time, all things are revealed “, the truth always prevails 🕯🙌🏽. 

There are women our fathers married and they have blinded our fathers so that they have nothing to do with us. No matter what you do, your dad won’t introduce you to his side of his ancestors, slaughter for you, maintain you etc because he is doing that to the kids that came with the wife he married. All of his things will go to his stepchildren and the “wife “.

You will be shown what is happening with your father or your intuition/instinct will tell you.the same things that is happening with some of y’all brothers, uncles, sisters and mothers etc. who are tied up in abusive relationship/marriage but they can’t get out.

Pray for your loved ones who are in this situation. Some of y’all Dad’s passed on and they have left a lot of things for you. but those things are kept away from you and the only way to find them is when your Dad comes in your dreams/visions to tell you about the house 🏡, livestock 🐄 🐐, land etc and you are able to understand what he is saying, he will guide you to those things that belong to you 👏🏿👏🏿.

I always advise people who are in this situation that whenever you pray 🕯👏🏿👏🏿.call upon your maternal ancestors and paternal ancestors those who wanna guide and show you the right way(don’t mention surnames as yet) and state who you are (eg. I’m XXX, the son/daughter of XXX and XXX) and pour your heart ❤️ out to them. your biological ancestors will come and advise you accordingly 👏🏿👏🏿.

You cannot be stuck because you don’t know your Mom/Dad, where there’s a will there’s always a way 🐆. You are your ancestors biggest blessings, without you, they can’t function 🤗.

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