Reactions as popular cross-dresser, James Brown, flaunts his curves in new picture

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Popular cross-dresser and influencer, James Brown, has stirred up reactions online after flaunting his curves in a new picture.

According to the picture, the cross-dresser was putting on a white tank top, a white paint, and, surprisingly, he seems to be adding some real curves just like a regular lady.

"Star girl", James Brown wrote on his Instagram page accompanied by the pictures.

Reacting to the picture, commenters could not help but marvel at his appearance. "They say hips don't lie, but this one is lying"@eme_ soma, one of the commenters maintained.

God will deliver you, @trehkid_sog1, another commenter concludes.@quick_bellaa, however, also advised the cross-dresser to always remind them that he is a man so that they wouldn't forget his gender. "Try to always remind us that you are a man so that we won't forget" @quick_bellaa maintained. 

This looks like a photoshopped picture, but all the same, one can't discredit the beauty. Below are screenshots of people's reactions


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