Martha Koome Approved By Parliament as Chief Justice


Chief justice Koome has been appointed as Kenya first female to head the most important arm of the government Judiciary. She will be the first woman to be the chief justice in Kenya. It is the victory for women and to all Kenyans to embrace women in leadership positions.

Chief justice Koome was vetted in by judges after proving she's a strong woman who has been fighting for the rights of all women and a nationalist who has good intentions to lead judiciary with confidence.

She took the position with confidence and on her earlier speech she said that she will serve all Kenyans with equality and just.

The vacancy for chief justice was announced after retirement of the former Chief justice Maraga retired after his great contributions in the judiciary and his great organisational and leadership skills.

Chief justice Koome will serve judiciary working together with other two arms of government which include Executive which is headed by the president and the national assembly.

She's is ready to serve the country and shape the law of Kenya to serve the key role of equality to all Kenyans.

Other arms of government have said they will work together with the new chief justice to ensure smooth running of government to prevent division and to promote harmony among all the arms.

Congratulations to our new chief justice Koome.