PHOTOS| Venda people are filthy rich, take a look at luxurious houses they built in their villages

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Most people who have never been to Limpopo think that it is one of the poorest provinces in the country, which is not true at all. A common misconception about Limpopo is that it is full of mud huts and sharks, which is not true. This is because it is in a very deep, rural area, and most people used to think this.

People who have been to Limpopo have said that they used to ignore the province because they thought it was poor, but that after going there, they realized that they were completely wrong.

The province of Limpopo is in South Africa's northernmost region. Mud buildings are very rare in this part of the province. When compared to other provinces, almost everyone in the province has a good place to live, which is rare in other provinces. People in the province make it a point to build modern, beautiful homes for themselves and their families. In Venda, having a big, beautiful house is seen as a big accomplishment, and people compete with other mansions in the province.

Residents of Venda who don't have at least seven rooms are considered poor, and they will put in a lot of work to build a good home for themselves. In this area, a large number of luxurious homes have taken over the landscape. Even well-known politicians agree that Venda is the clear winner when it comes to building better homes for themselves and their families.

People who make fun of and make fun of Venda are almost always people who have never been to the province themselves, which makes sense. Given how big the province of Limpopo is, it's not surprising that most of the highly educated people who run the workplace are from there. Even in the most remote villages and settlements, people often build homes that are good for living in. This is different from other South African provinces, where such construction is rare.

The author of this post has put together a list of the most beautiful homes in the Venda community for your consideration.

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