Kenyans React After Today's Covid-19 Updates


Kenyans are currently wearing happy faces as many have hopes that the country will be reopened soon. The president is expected to address the country soon and what Kenyans are waiting from the president's speech is Opening the locked counties and doing away with Curfew restrictions. This will only happen if the Covid-19 curve is flattened.

The country is recording low number of infected persons in the last few days and this gives hope to many Kenyans especially those living in locked counties. Today,194 people tested positive within 24hours from a sample of 1799. This is indeed a good indication that Covid -19 is slowly leaving us.

Kenyans have reacted to today's updates whereby some are urging the president to reopen the country now that the curve is flattening. Below are some of the reactions.

Let's pray to God that the curve flattens for good. Please share the article and don't forget to leave a comment. Follow my account for the latest updates.


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