Queen Elizabeth's fashion, style, and beauty evolution over the decades


The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II over the years have been very English with her fashion, style and beauty. It has been influenced by different things one of which is her royalty. Like a typical woman who was born in the twenties, and has lived to the twenty first century, she mostly has evolved, bit there's still that touch of ancientness to her.

Fashion and style.

The Queen has been known always for her 'era defining' looks and she is seen as a style icon. When the Queen was little, like most aristocratic Elizabethan women from that era, she wore a chemise, a corset stiffened with wood or iron, a petticoat, stockings, a gown, sleeves, and a neck ruff and wrist ruffs. This made up the most parts of her wardrobe. Later on, she moved up with the evolution of fashion to skirt suits and ball gowns as she stepped up to stately dressing.

Lately, she loves wearing bright coloured suits, and she is always seen with her signature Launer handbag and Anello & Davide loafers.

Here are some pictures of the Queen's fashion over the decades.


When it comes to beauty, the Queen evolved naturally. She is not one to be vain or care deeply about her beauty products. It is although known that she mostly uses products from the 'Clarins' brand.

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