Coronavirus Is More Lethal To People Living With HIV


Like other health bothering conditions for example being diabetic and having high blood pressure, researchers have discovered that individuals who are HIV positive are at higher risk of contracting and dying from Corona virus as compared to those who don't have the virus.

A study by the Penn State College of Medicine Scientists found that HIV positive person has a 24% higher risk of being infected with COVID 19 and and a 78% risk of dying from it as compared to those who are negative from the virus.

This study was done using a data obtained from previous researches that involved 21 million test subjects from all over the world.

The study shows that antiviral therapy plays a very small role in reducing the of infection. Dr Paddy Ssentongo, a vice professor at the collage in the Neural Engineering department and also one of the lead scientists advised all those who persons live to receive the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Researcher Vernon Chinchilli, head of department of public health sciences in the College claimed that Covid 19 has evolved and so is its co-infection with HIV. A finding they could not verify at in the beginning due to insufficient data