Wife to Isaac Juma Explains How Attackers Waited for Her Husband Before Killing

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Wife to the late Isaac Juma who was murdered in his home has narrated the circumstances leading to her husband's death. Farida is clear the attackers had checked into their home early without their notice and climbed on top of trees where they hid before killing Isaac dead.

The knew very well he was not at home a reason they jumped and hid into trees at the top. It's after IsaacJuma opened the gate that all of them jumped out to attack him cutting his neck down leading to his death.

Farida who is the first Wife to Isaac Juma is clear she was there and watched the whole ordeal as it folded before running for safety as the attacker escaped as well. Rest in peace Isaac Juma till we meet again for even those who killed you will die at some point. for nobody will live in this world forever like a stone.

This is however a lesson to those who have thick trees in their compound. They must watch out as it's clear the killers of Isaac Juma waited on top of trees before they cut his neck off completely shattering not only his dreams but also the dream of his family.

Confolences to Farida and family as well Rest Isaac Juma, We loved you but God loved you most. However it's clear finally the God almighty will revenge for you as whatever is done on earth will come into light at some day.

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