Juja Byelection: Hon. Moses Kuria Pep's Win and What It Could Mean in to Him (Opinion)


Peoples Empowerment Party(PEP) is believed to be among the parties driving the hustlers train and most likely to form the next government making Moses Kuria believed party owner either the Prime Minister or a Top government official... The Juja PEPs win just proves that Dr. William Ruto the Deputy President is not letting go Hon. Moses Kuria nor PEP anytime soon since PEP just proved to him to be the voice of MT. Kenya.

Hon. Moses Kuria being the biggest gainer in the just concluded by-elections by successfully beating the President's preferred candidate and party... Kuria who is for fronting the hustler narrative and among the biggest supporters of Deputy President William Ruto from MT. Kenya region is the happiest man in Kenya today on 19th May 2021 after successfully proving that his party is popular than the presidents Jubilee party which has lost 3 seats in a day's byelection... All this success makes Moses Kuria the most valuable asset the hustler team needs to get the Mt. Kenya votes compared to any other Mt. Kenya politician. People Empowerment Party is believed to be owned by Hon. Moses Kuria who happens to represent Gatundu the President's constituency

This Win puts Moses Kuria in a position to demand for any top position in the 'hustlers government ' apart from the presidency set aside for Dr. William Ruto the current Deputy President. Its believed that soon He will be seeking endorsement from Mt.Kenya Elders to endorse him to represent the regions political policies and demands incase the hustlers make the next government.

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