Liverpool was threatened by Egyptian Star MoSalah ||• Find out what he said.

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MoSalah threatened Liverpool : find out what he said

In the midst of his contract dispute with Liverpool, Mohamed Salah is now being charged with making a "clear threat" against the team.

The Egyptian's future is still a hot topic as negotiations between his representatives and the club management over a greater wage continue.

In May, it was alleged that Salah's camp felt that Liverpool's most recent contract offer to the attacker, who has one year left on his current deal, basically equated to a 15% wage increase on his existing terms.

According to recent sources, the two parties have not yet reached an agreement on a compensation rise.

Despite the fact that the attacker has stated he would remain at Anfield for the upcoming season.

Although the 29-year-willingness old's to sign a contract extension for the following season was seen by some as the player demonstrating his dedication to striking a deal, Liverpool cult hero Robbie Fowler thinks Salah essentially made a threat with that move.

A player that ranks among the top three in the world is paid what? Obviously, the 47-year-old wrote in the Daily Mirror, "He thinks it's more than what Liverpool is providing.

Salah is also performing intricate calculations, so it cannot be an exact science, but my old club is, too.

He plainly threatened to leave by claiming that he would still be at Anfield the following season, regardless of what happened to his contract.

According to his calculations, if he is allowed to leave Liverpool free of charge next summer, he will receive that amount of pay along with a substantial bonus because there is no exit fee.

That can work and frequently does.

But there's another calculation going on right now, and I have a feeling Liverpool is making it.

Will he remain the same player by the upcoming summer?

Look, he has long been considered one of the best in the world.

He has, however, been - by his standards - rather mediocre since the beginning of the year.


Salah made a threat to Liverpool'

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