More Photos Of Lagos Socialite, Kayode Badru Who Died After Visiting A Celestial Church In Lagos

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The news of popular Lagos socialite, Kayode Badru who died after visiting a Celestial Church of God in Lagos state has been causing a lot of reactions on social media. Mr Kayode was reported to have died one week after he came back to Nigeria from Dubai to attend the graduation ceremony of some students he sponsored in Art and Technology. 

News had it that the graduation ceremony was celebrated on 9 April, 2021, at Excellence Hotel Conference Hall, Ogba Aguda area of Lagos state. It was one week after the graduation ceremony was when Mr Kayode got burnt in a Celestial Church of God, after candles were said to have been lit all around him while his body was soaked in perfume, he was rushed to the nearby hospital where he was confirmed dead on 5 May, 2021.

Reactions has been going round the social media regarding the dramatic incident, many social media users have been reacting why the Church couldn't afford to have a fire extinguisher. While many people blamed the misuse of candle around perfumes which are highly inflammable. However, it's so sad that he lost his life after the horrible fire incident.

Mr Kayode survived by his wife Mrs Kofoworola Adedeji and three children. May God grant his family heart to bear the huge lose. Check out pictures him below.

It's advisable to keep perfumes away from fire, perfumes are mostly petrochemicals and highly inflammable. "May his soul rest in peace.

Death is inevitable, it is only thing that separates human beings forever, and there is nothing the living ones can do about it. Share and pray for Mr Kayode.

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