“I Had Sex With My Landlord So That He Will Take Me To Dubai.” Slay Queen Reveals…

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An unidentified slay queen who prefers to be anonymous has revealed in a post on Facebook about how she was able to travel to Dubai without paying a penny by herself.

According to her, she is a slay queen who hookup with guys for their money. She went to rent an apartment at East Legon and she later found out that the landlord/owner of the apartment lives abroad.

About a month a ago, the landlord came to Ghana to spend some holidays and she met him. She was surprised when she saw the landlord, because he was very rich and had a luxurious car. The landlord came to stay in one of the apartments which shared the same compound with the one the slay had rented.

She begun to dress in sexy dresses and caught the attention of the landlord. Lo and behold, she was able to entice the landlord and had sex with him on several occasions. The landlord on the other hand promised to take her to Dubai. After 2 weeks, arrangements and all formalities were made and she went to spend a 2-week vacation in Dubai.

It’s surprising how some of these slay queens are willing to offer sex to achieve what they want.

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