Six Characters That Will Hinder You From Being Rich

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There are certain qualities people possess that can hinder them from being rich. This set of qualities can stagnant them and hinder the vision of their life. This set of characters can hinder you from being rich.


These people give excuses for everything in life. They blame everybody and are never responsible for their wrong money choices. They give excuses for being in debt, their constant paycheck lifestyle, their small monthly income and other excuses that lead them to poverty.


These people are held bound by their past and their emotion tied to it. Their experience kept drawing them back and they never focus on the present situation and how to plan towards creating the future. Their words express things about the past more than the present and future.


These people are not ready to make changes but are contented with their present financial situation. They are not ready to move forward to try new things or take risks that can turn their finances around. They are stuck in their jobs, not ready to take classes, read books, invest or start a side hustle. They are not interested in making changes so they remain in the same position for years.


These people believe all rich people are corrupt so they are always hating. This hatred has a huge impact on their monthly earning because of certain money beliefs holding them back. This hurt their financial well-being and they sabotage themselves because of their negative associations with money. This attracts wrong people with the same beliefs which continuously pull them back.


They always lose because they make the wrong investment choices that stem from bad decision making. They spend money on gambling and lose a lot and spend more time around like minds. In their career or business, they experience losses that make them close down their business or get sacked.


Always complaining is very damaging to their financial well-being. They complain about everything and to everyone around them. Constantly complaining generates negative energy around them. Repeated complaining rewires the brain to make future complaining more likely. Complaining becomes their default behaviour, which changes how people perceive them.

Image Credit: Google

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