Uganda's Modern Market Commissioned By Yoweri Museveni That Looks Like JKIA Airport -PHOTOS

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President Museveni Yoweri on Sunday opened a modern market set to create over 3000 jobs for Ugandans.

Soroti Main Market has more 1300 facilities. Its inner look resembled that of an airport, or maybe a modern bus station.

Museveni is racing against time to convince Ugandans to give him another chance in power after over 33 years of leading the nation.

Even some Ugandans are saying he is commissioning projects to win votes from Ugandans.

"I have commissioned the Soroti Main Market. This new market has 1,390 facilities, including stalls and retail stores, and is expected to create about 3,000 jobs for residents of Soroti, along with the local trade and supply chain," said Museveni.

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Ugandan Reactions:

However, Ugandan have expressed mixed reactions over the market, with some accusing Museveni for playing politics after long stay in power.

See what they said:

Okwaimungu Paul: Building a market when people have been made poor to the extent struggling to put daily meals on table won't solve the problem. We are down to the fact that we gonna die poor with the experience we have and we shall be exploited since we cannot raise capital to do our own business in such market and create more jobs for others

Williams Eroku: Where were you to do these things 35 years ago? this is cheap politics you're playing.I hope it's the last visit you're paying in my district, as we prepare for a new president.

Juan Mozey Kimera Kyabaggu: Woww this is so awesome, how I wish you come up with h several things like this, Uganda will be a good home for us to stay. Plz, if you go back to state house next term, use an iron arm on those people grabbing out land that make us refugees in our country. I pray Bambi.

Opio Ronnie: There's no pride in using a borrowed property. After 35 yrs you cannot find shame that your government cannot fund a single project with our hard earned tax money. All you do is borrow to plunge us into more and more debts

Kany Jon: A built market doesn't create jobs. It's like saying buidling a church creates believers. Its demand and supply that does that. If there is anything worthy of buying in Soroti, even Americans will go there. The market is just to organise the traders but it won't really create any jobs that aren't already there . And no, toilet and stall cleaners aren't new jobs either.

Ddungu Rogers:Point of correction. It is not creating because these vendors were already present and we're displaced. After it opens they are just coming in to occupy space but not creating new jobs. Creating new jobs meaning providing employment to people who had no jobs. Let's get this right

Solomon Yiga: Too little, too late, Muzei just go. The way you wanted Obote to go is the way we want you to go. You are past your usefulness. How do u have 1000s of advisers, how do you a very large cabinet, how do u have so many administrative units, how do you have spies spying on spies all taking tax payers money??? It's time for you to go for the good of our country

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