Heart-Breaking : Electrician Fighting For His Life After He Fell 9 Meters Onto A Concrete Floor

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Young electrician falls 9 meters through roof on concrete floor.

The incident is believed to have occurred at 15.00 hrs the DFW Northern Paarl received a call about the electrician who fell through the roof onto a concrete floor, the incident had since left him badly injured.

Emergency services were quickly contacted in order to make it to the scene and assist the patient and that is exactly what they did, the ambulance was dispatched and they did manage to stabilize the patient before moving him to hospital where he is going to get further healthcare intervention.

The emergency services assessed the patient and discovered that he had several cuts to the head and legs so they assisted him, this is another reminder for the ordinary members of the public to remember that the body is something which is very fragile and we’re supposed to look after it in a way which will ensure its preservation and longevity.

The cooperation, between the Fidelity Adt Controlroom operators and several emergency responders, made this rescue operation run as clockwork. This is how the authorities have been able to bring down perpetrators of crimes for a very long time, and it seems like it's something that works very efficiently so the officials are supposed to be conducting more intelligence driven operations like this.

Concerned ordinary members of the public as well as the relatives, such incidences are prone to happen - we are only human after all and we are grateful that the individual survived the ordeal to tell a story about it another day.

All emergency services responded together to the emergency services because they are upholding a code, where they are responding in record time and this quick as they can in order to save as many lives as they can much can be said much less can be said about the South African Police Services.


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