Kindly Don't Describe My Face as 'Distorted' or 'Deformed'


Disorder flourishes; although a considerable lot of us have not endured much else weakening than seasonal influenza, there are many unusual and exotic sicknesses out there simply standing by to pare you down. Yet, a few sicknesses don't simply execute you—they look to disfigure you in transit out.

One meaning of "deformation" is "an appearance that has been ruined or distorted. " Well, I don't think about you, however that isn't the way I'd need to depict myself. Related words incorporate "imperfect," "disfigured," "flawed," "twisted" and "harmed." When I requested meanings of "distorted," I found "to ruin the presence of something and make it terrible" and "change for the more awful in something's appearance."

At the point when I describe myself, I really don't say, "My face is distorted." Or "twisted." Or "deformed." Or "ruined." Or "imperfect." Unless I am attempting to make some unmistakable scholarly point. Or on the other hand except if I'm feeling truly down about my appearance, which, fortunately, is genuinely rare.

I prefer the expression "facial distinction or difference." One meaning of "difference" is "the component or factor that isolates or recognizes" or "a trademark that recognizes one from another or from the normal." I sort of like that. I've generally avoided the chance to be normal, and as opposed to being depicted as "imperfect," I am "unmistakable." Much better!


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