Khaligraph Explain Reason Behind His New song.


In his interview with Jalango and Kamene Goro, Khaligraph explains the story behind his new song. The reason behind it is not Bahati's song, as many had insinuated.

When he. Was in U.S.A a video went viral where artist Wizzo Tani made allegations that Khaligraph wore fake diamond chains. Kali graph was tagged and in his hotel room decided to wrote down a reliance to the artist in form of a song.

He wrote and recorded the song the same day.

Later on, Wizzo Tano bought a diamond testing ice box to test if khaligrah's jewelry is fake. The upcoming artist was very sure that the jewelry is fake and the whole point of buying the ice box was to prove how fake khaligraph is.

This is the whole reason why Khaligraph came up with the song. He says he is waiting for Wizzo Tano to test his jewelry and his song is to tell him to come test them today and not wait for tomorrow.

In other news, he advised artists to go for songs with good material and not to chase after their songs being a hit.

My opinion is that I applaud khaligrah's maturity. What is your opinion? Share it with us below with a comment.

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