Why Do People Wake up at 4 am to Exercise?


Waking up at 4 a.m. is how he builds self-discipline, every single morning.

It inspires and influences people, myself included, to make one small change every day to build a better life.

But it’s not easy.

Why is it so hard to build discipline?

Because it’s easier to stay in a warm bed, with the cozy covers and fluffy pillow gently cradling our head. It’s easy to reach over and turn off the alarm clock and hit the snooze button.

And it’s easy to go about our day without a plan, just reacting to what happens around us.

-Responding to emails as soon as they come in.

-Getting a burger from a fast food place for lunch.

-Munching on potato chips as a snack.

-Watching TV or gaming through the night.

But consider this. All those days add up. Months of eating junk food translate into major health issues. Weeks of being glued to your social media apps translate into loss of productivity and important goals being set aside.

Years of sleeping in and staying awake till 3 a.m. translate into poor cognitive performance, memory loss, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

When you think about it, lacking self-discipline is not anyone else’s problem, it’s yours. Do you want to build stamina and coach yourself into a person who is focused on goals and who will do what it takes to get closer to them each day? Or do you want to live your life without going in any specific direction, but as obstacles show up you’re ready to blame someone or something else for them?

Self-discipline is a lifestyle, an attitude, a mindset.

It affords you freedom, helps you grow, and gives your life more purpose. It also puts you in charge to decide today— right now, in fact — that you’ll get better at something, create something valuable, or commit to a goal that will benefit you ten years down the road.

You can build self-discipline in small increments every day

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