Mo dropped a bombshell on Dintle. She is Dintle's daughter, Motshabi

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Mo dropped a bombshell on Dintle during Izigigaba live show. She was in boarding school but as soon as she found out who her biological mother was, she went to look for her, hence she was looking for a place to stay.

She lied about being a university student because she knew that many people would refuse to stay with a minor. Mo tried to speak with Dintle once but they got off on the wrong foot. Mo decided to share her story on Izigigaba and that is where she told Dintle her real name. She started by telling the people how bad she grew up and also how she felt alone in the world because her mother gave her up for adoption.

As we all know Dintle is the one who love juicy gossip, she asked if Mo had her mother's phone number so that they can call and expose her, that's when Mo told her that it was unnecessary because her real mother is her, Dintle. Dintle, as well as the audience were left in shock.


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