Arrest of Spar employees reveals ticket scam that cost Putco millions

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The capture of two men over a Putco transport ticket trick has lifted the cover on a years' in length racket that has cost the transport organization millions. 

Falcons Captain Dineo Segotodi said Mpho Mdaka, 33 and Mandla Shabangu, 51, the two workers of Spar in Kwamhlanga, Mpumalanga, were captured for purportedly taking clear Putco transport tickets from Spar, printing them and circulating them to clueless travelers. 

The two were captured while working on Wednesday. They showed up in court in their Spar uniform on Thursday. 

"The unlawful exercises of the two captured suspects have been connected to different organizations, recently captured for a similar wrongdoing nearby among March and May 2021," she said. 

Putco bunches tasks chief Jack Sekwaila said the trick had been continuing for just about four years. Because of the extortion, the transport organization was losing between R500 000 and R1 million every month. 

Sekwaila said the transport organization had speculated that something was going on when it saw its pay was declining, while transports were running as should be expected and at agreeable stacking limit. 

Mandla Shabangu

"Warnings were raised and that initiated an examination. Among different techniques for examinations was the assortment of effectively sold week by week and month to month tickets, from travelers when they terminate on Fridays and month end. 

"Another technique was that the organization employed overseers on ordinary week days to look at tickets. They distinguished uncommon printings inconsistencies on tickets sold and revealed this to the board which assisted with social affair insight," Sekwaila said. 

Putco, he said, had re-appropriated the selling of passes to a few outlets to make them more available to workers. 

"These outlets were assigned types of gear and clear Putco transport tickets as stock to print and sell tickets. Fight was one such of outlets. 

"The techniques utilized by culprits is that they get one true ticket from an authority outlet and they then, at that point output to copy the ticket, implying that one ticket can be repeated commonly. They likewise can by one way or another output and review the ticket value, reference and chronic quantities of the ticket they clone." 

Mpho Mdaka

Sekwaila said a few travelers who were observed to be in control of false tickets during review inside the transports were talked with, which helped not really set in stone where they had gotten them. 

"Such data prompted the capture of the culprits, who for the most part possessed the web bistros," he said. 

Mdaka and Mhlanga showed up in the Kwamhlanga Magistrate's Court. They were conceded R1 000 bail each. 

The case was deferred until September 6, 2021 for additional examinations. 

Source: IOL news

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