2022 Presidential Race: Let us Scrutinise Character, Not Age


As far many many Kenyans are concerned, the issue of age in the presidential race is completely and absolutely irrelevant.

In their view, it is not necessarily the issue of age that provides quality leadership, but rather the commitment, honesty and dedication of those in leadership, to the true welfare of Kenyans and democracy.

If a generation is corrupt, you cannot really change it without instituting a fundamental change. The lack of leadership, commitment, honesty and dedication was inherited from colonialism and the first generation of Kenyan politicians having been overwhelmed and outsmarted by the witty and foxy home guards did not do something about it soon after independence. 

They did not do anything to establish democratic structures. They did not advocate the sharing of power and they did not allocate land to the members of communities dispossessed of their ancestral land. 

Instead they used the colonial laws to suppress, jail, detain, kill and assassinate Kenyans. They did not there. They used their newly acquired state power to institutionalized tribalism, corruption, inequality, exclusion, land grabbing and electoral injustices.

Some of our present leaders could have been good had they committed and dedicated themselves to democratic principles and protect and defend fundamental human rights.

What we have today in the name of Jubilee government is a continuation of that pattern. If you don't believe then ask yourself why only yesterday we read in the social media that leaders like Senator Aeron Chepkwony of Kericho, Oscar Sudi of Kapterer MP, Sen. Kipchumba Murkomen have continued to attack President Uhuru for unleashing KRA, Police and EACC on his political opponents.

But due to politics, the same calibre of Chepkwony, having opposed the constitution 2010, still find it convenient to oppose a progressive document like BBI which could address what they complain about day in day, imperial presidency. So how do you address imperial presidency without creating institutions to share power with the president?

The fundamental changes in the BBI are what's required in this country today. It is more than enormous than those of the Lancaster House and constitution 2010. At time like this the character of those aspiring for presidency and leadership at other levels is what should be scrutinised, their their age.

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