People Who Live Strange Lives!


Majority of people believe living a normal life includes studying, graduating, getting a good job and raising a family of their own. Minority of world population may however feel like this might be too boring or forced by various circumsances to live strange and truly unorthodoxed lives. Here are 6 people who have lived strange lives;

1.    The man who lives like a dog:

Boomer the dog has really a bone to pick with the world since he wants to be accepted for his doggie lifestyle. Gary Mathews is a retired technology worker and self-proclaimed "nerd" who thinks he is a dog. He wears a dog collar, eats dog food from a bowl and loves milk bones. He even barks, chases cars and digs for bones in the yard like ordinary canines. The man even sleeps in a dog house inside his own house and claims it is more comfortable compared to a human bed. Boomer, adopted his canine persona after watching a TV show as a child and was about a stray dog that went around helping people who are in trouble.

2.    The healthy woman who lives as a person who is paralyzed from waist down:

Being stuck on a wheelchair for the rest of your life is not something anyone would wish for. This is however not the case with 57-year old Chloe who has an unnatural desire to be a paraplegic (paralyzed from waist down). Chloe, a chemist, lives the life of a disabled person. She moves around in a wheelchair and wears long leg braces that lock up at the knee that enables her to move around in crutches. But when she wants to go up the stairs, she stands up, removes her braces and walks like a normal person. Chloe was is 2008, diagnosed by her doctors with serious psychological disorder which makes patients feel like they would be happier as paraplegic.

3.    The woman who lives with 700 cats:

Meet the cat lady, who has over 7oo cats. When Lynea Lattanzio was little, all she ever wanted was a cat but her mother did not approve. Since she now lives alone, she runs a huge cat sanctuary on her 12 acre land in Parlier. She began rescuing the animals after her divorce in 1981 and to date has saved up to 19,000 felines. She however insists she is not a crazy cat lady. The cat shelter is California's largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary. Its mission is to place rescued cats and kittens into permanent homes. She survives and operates well due to donations and grants.

4.    The family who lives like it is 1986:

Blair and his girlfriend Morgan, 27, from Canada are pretending like it is 1986. They are doing this because their kids, Trey-5 and Denton,-2, would not look up from their parent's phone long enough to kick a ball around their backyard. That is why the couple has banned the use of technology from their house that is post 1986, which is the year they were born. They have no computers, no smartphones, no fancy coffee machine, no internet and from the point of view of many tech-dependent folks, no life. The only exception from their tech-free life is their car, which is a 2010 Kia minus a GPS.

5.    The woman who lived in an Iron Lung for 61 Years:

Martha Mason was an incredible human being who spent over 60 years of her life stuck in an iron-lung after being paralyzed in her childhood years as a result of polio. Despite her almost desperate situation, she has lived a fulfilling life, graduating from high school and college with highest honors, hosting dinner parties and even writing a book called "Breath: Life in the Rhythm of an Iron Lung.

6.    The woman who has lived in water for over 20 years:

Imagine living with a disease that leaves you permanently inflamed and sore. That is exactly how Pataruni Gosh from West Bengal India lives her life. In 1998, the 65 year old woman was diagnosed with a strange disease that left her body badly inflamed. For the last more than 20 years she has spent almost 12 to 14 hours a day submerged in lake near her home all because it relives her off the pain and she is too poor to seek treatment. What a hard way to have to exist.