5 Reasons Why A Woman Bleeds After Intimacy

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A small amount of spotting or bleeding is probably normal and fine if it happens on rare occasions.

But if it happens more then once consecutively, it is time to check in with your doctor. Most cases are not dangerous, but a few are. 

If you notice red spots on the bed, in your underwear or between your legs after getting it on, make sure to see your doctor to figure it out. 

Here are the reasons why you bleed: 

1. Birth Control: One of the main causes is hormonal birth control. Any type of hormonal contraceptives can lead to spotting after intercourse. It can take few months for your body to adjust to it. 

Hormonal contraception can cause significant drying of the private part and as a result, lovemaking can cause tearing and some bleeding. 

Your gynecologist can check you. 

2. STI: STI can cause many symptoms and post-intercourse bleeding is one of them. Especially if the infection leads to an inflammation of the cervix. A very irritated cervix can bleed with rubbing. 

STIs like Chlamydia, gonorrhea can result to inflammation of the cervix, so any spotting can be caused by one of these common infections. 

Most women do not have symptoms of STIs which is why it's important to seek treatment when you do have a symptom like abnormal bleeding. 

3. Dryness: If you are not wet enough during lovemaking, there's a chance you might bleed. All the friction from penetration can test sensitive issues of the private part. 

It is obviously a painful experience. 

But make sure to talk to your doctor instead of self diagnosing and treating it on your own. 

Also that dryness can be related to an underlying issue. 

4. Yeast Infection: Yeast infection can cause inflammation and irritation which can result in bleeding during lovemaking. 

Bleeding is not the only symptom, it is also characterized by changes in the colour and odour of private part and itching. 

If the cervix is infected and becomes inflammed, there can be small amount of blood seen. 

5. Cervical Cancer: Cervical Cancer is rare in women who gets regular pap smear test. The main symptom of cervical cancer is bleeding with lovemaking. 

The bleeding is light and painless. It is due to the vascular nature of cervical cancer and the friction can irritate tissue and cause bleeding. 

If you have persistent abnormal bleeding, tell your gynecologist. He/She will examine your cervix and make sure you are up to date with your pap smear test and HPV testing. 

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