Without vaccines we will all die - John Dramani Mahama said as he and his wife took their vaccine.


As the deployment of the Covid-19 vaccine starts in Ghana today, the former president Jonh Dramani Mahama and his Wife went on to take their vaccine this morning. After taking the vaccine, the former president John Dramani Mahama said that without that vaccine we will all die. This is because, he believes that vaccines help the body to fight against diseases.

He also said that he is he went for the vaccine in order to encourage others especially those who are doubting the safety of the vaccine to go and get vaccinated for their own good.

John Dramani Mahama was saying that, the only way we are alive is because of vaccines. He also said these vaccines are here to help us not to kill us.

But some Ghanaians are still saying they will wait if nothing happens to them Leaders who have already been vaccinated, then they will take the vaccine.

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