His Cup Is Finally Full? Captain Smart Nabbed By Police.

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Host of Onua Maakye program on Onua TV and Onua FM, Blessed Godsbrain Smart, might probably have this day as one of the days he wish to never remember, and a day which never came in the first.

Captain Smart has found himself on the wrong side of the law, after it was reported that he has made some utterances on live radio and TV which is a threat to the peace and security of the nation. As such the Nima Police Command arrested him today, 2nd December 2021.

Captain Smart is know to be a tell it all person, and so this comes of as no surprise at all to many Ghanaians.

Some are even of the view that he should have been arrested long long ago, but it hasn't been so, until now.

Currently, he is Police Custody assisting with investigations.

Perhaps, this may not only be a warning to Captain Smart alone, but to all others who have gotten the platform and means, to be mindful of their utterances, as it may land them in trouble, such as Captain Smart has found himself in.

Perhaps, this arrest may also usher in a new Captain Smart on our TV and radio, or maybe not.

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