He was looking for his father all his life and when he finally found his house, he was heartbroken

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Most children who grow up with missing dads can experience enduring harm. Some end up in neediness or exit school. Mamqcina says they just met their 26 year old cousin who has been searching for his dad for his entire life. He was miserable to figure out that his dad kicked the bucket only fourteen days prior. What's more terrible is that his grandma additionally that very week.

"A 26year old person came to our home this evening. Turns out he's my uncles child we've won't ever meet. He's never seen our uncle nor us. He found us and wound up here. He was so glad to see us. The tears in my eyes when my father needed to let him know we covered his dad fourteen days prior. He got some information about his grandma (my father's aunt,his fathers mother),dad let him know his father and granddad got covered around the same time. They were both wiped out so when the child heard the insight about his mom's demise, his heart couldn't take it and passed on. He's a such incredible person, maternal family raised him well." She said.

"My cousin nearly met her father, my dad's greater sibling. My father unintentionally tracked down my cousin the day preceding my uncle's burial service. What's more awful is that where my father resided, it was extremely near where my cousin resided for quite a long time not knowing one another." Said @Siyanda.

"I generally say I envy individuals that search for their fathers and really think that they are alive." Said @Tshepi_notes.



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