A mom shakes social media for purchasing her 13 years old son a car as birthday gift[see pictures]

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A mother posted in her social media that she just recently bought a car for her 13 years old child .She out it out there that she is buying a car because of a promise she made 2 years ago to her son that ,she will be there to teach her son how to to drive ,but she layer realised that her car is very big and it is automated for a child to use when learning how to drive ,this is when she realised that it is necessary for her to buy her son a car for his birthday,she even indicated that the child will be learning how to drive in their estate ,their yard until he is of the right age to acquire his driving papers ,by then he would have perfected his skill and people are shocked .

People have shown negative vibes around it,they say it's set a very bad example to parents , however some commend the mother for showing this gesture to her son

However ,most people are happy because they believe in making their children happy ,they believe in providing for their children as a gesture of love .What is required is to ensure that the child only drives at home so that he does not endanger the life of others as they go out .some parents are also complaining that the bar is raised so high and this will result in their children feeling inferior ,and not only feeling inferior about other children having cars,they would now feel like the gifts that parents buy them in their birthday are not special.However others indicate that people should be free to spend their money ,what they have without feeling bad of the next person who might not have experienced how you are feeling.It is a very joyful birthday to the boy.

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